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What’s In My Travel Bag


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What’s in My Travel Bag: Summer Carry On Essentials

Anyways, this bag has two inside pockets, zippered closure, and a removable strap which is perfect for traveling with. It’s a great size without it feeling …

While traveling I think having a great bag is very important. Being organized and having more than you think you need is key to traveling.


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Pack with Me (Part 2): What’s in My Checked Bag? / Travel Organization Tips – YouTube

I must admit that vacation traveling (and in particular, beach vacation traveling) is 978359825 times easier than city packing (and in particular, …

Aug 14 What’s in My Travel Carry On Bag

What’s in My Travel Bag

What’s In My Travel Bag

#WhereAlyssaWanders | What’s in My Travel Bag?

As …

I am headed to the airport early this morning and I thought I would share with you what’s inside my carry on bag. These are some of things I can’t live …


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What’s In My Makeup Bag? | Makeup Travel Essentials Video

What is in my travel bag?

As you may or may not know, I’m moving back to America, which means I will be getting on a 12 hour flight tomorrow. I travel quite a bit, …

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What’s in my bag: Travel Edition – All Beauty by Berrymix ?

As I was travelling recently, I decided to show ye what I put in my travel bag !This bag is mainly aimed at a sun holiday or a summer holiday!

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As with everything when you do it enough in life, I’ve learned quite a lot when it comes to traveling and packing. For me, there’s really only one simple …